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We offer a full range of dog grooming and dog boarding services to Boring, OR.

dog training daycare Boring We are a family-owned and operated Dog Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming business. We believe in the holistic care of ourselves as well as our pets. Because of this, we are continuing to develop a program that meets all the needs of our doggy pals, from socialization through the physical and mental needs. It is our goal to provide you and your K-9 pet with the same warm love, attention, care, and expertise with which we strive to raise our own children and pets. We believe that dogs are dogs and for that reason, we strive to provide them with the dog’s best environment, not just a human’s best environment. You will find all of us at times doing every task from sanitizing kennels to poop scooping to working on dog behavior.

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Green Acres K-9 Resort

Owner: Marilyn J Griffin
Address: 26075 SE Hwy 212
Boring OR 97009
Website: www.greenacresk9resort.com