Most people think that a pet sitter in Portland just provide a basic benefit of feeding pets. However, there are many other good reasons to hire a professional pet sitter. When you hire a pet sitter, your pet will not only be watched over, but also cared for and played with regularly. Pet sitting offers a lot more than just a roof over your pet’s head, place to sleep and daily water refills. From your own peace of mind to your pet’s reduced health issues and increased happiness, hiring a pet sitter is one of the best ways to take care of your pet when you’re away from your house.

Reduced Stress

Although your pet does not have to finish his homework on time, make presentations or pay bills, he can still feel a lot of stress because of other emotional and psychological issues. When you’re out, your pet feels lonely if he has to stay away from his comfortable surroundings. He may be constantly distracted because of new sights, smells and sounds. However, pet sitters make sure your pet stays in his personal safe haven. This can significantly reduce his stress and keep him happy.

Customized Care

A professional pet sitter in Portland develops a customized care plan for your pet around his daily routines related to sleep, playtime and feedings. Eating food on proper time will also make sure your pet does not suffer from any digestive problems. A pet sitter sticks to already-in-place routines of your pet. This can provide numerous psychological and health benefits. Moreover, it will keep your pet’s activity and energy levels perfect. When you come back home, you’ll find your pet exactly like you left him.

Reduced Exposure to Illness

Unlike kennels, pet sitters don’t carry around other animals that may be carrying parasites or diseases which may affect your healthy pet. When you keep your pet in his usual surroundings with a professional pet sitter, it reduces his exposure to illness. You will not have to worry about dangerous parasites and diseases.

Personalized Attention

Almost every pet is an attention seeker. Some pets even ask for more attention than young kids. Pet sitters provide uninterrupted attention to your pet when you’re not around. This personalized attention is much better than leaving your pet in a kennel. A kennel worker can never provide undivided attention to your pet.

When you have to leave the city for some time or experience some sudden health problems, it is always better to hire professional pet sitters. They make sure your pet receives all that was provided to him when you were around.

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