Price Effective July 1, 2020


Boarding only
Boarding only – 2 dogs
Boarding only – 3 dogs
Boarding with daycare
Boarding with daycare – 2 dogs
Boarding with daycare – 3 dogs
Daycare Full Day – 1 Dog
Daycare Package of 4
Daycare Package of 10
After Hrs or Sat drop-off/pick-up
After 24 hour Daycare*
Vet visit trip fee


$25.00 per 24HR Period
$45.00 per 24HR Period / SAME RUN
$60.00 per 24HR Period
$35.00 per 24HR Period
$65.00 per 24HR Period
$90.00 per 24HR Period
$23.00 per day
$88.00 per day
$200.00 per day
$35.00 /Per Dog
$8/hour up to max $23.00

At Green Acres we work on a 24 hour billing period. For example: If you drop off at 11AM you have till 11AM on your pick up day to get your dog. If your dog stays after 11AM there will be an after 24 hour charge added to your bill. 1 Hour late $8.00, 2 Hours late $14.00, 3 hours late $18.00

Due to the cost of living, minimum wage increase, and COVID, this is a
decision we have had to make. Sorry for any inconvenience this may


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Green Acres K-9 Resort

Owner: Marilyn J Griffin
Address: 26075 SE Hwy 212
Boring OR 97009

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