Our Programs

Boarding + Daycare Includes:

  • Boarding with Daycare: $35.00/24 hrs
  • Entire day of free play with compatible dogs
  • Morning and afternoon one-on-one time
  • One to three meals a day dependant on your schedule
  • Obedience review and treats
  • Lots of social interaction to improve social skills
  • Basic obedience review
  • Mid-day siesta (nap time)
  • Doggy treats (Allergy Free)
  • Indoor/Outdoor play areas
  • Free access to pool, creek, and pond
  • Constant love and attention throughout the day

Boarding Only

  • Boarding Only: $25.00/24 hrs
  • AM and PM individual access to outdoor play areas
  • Two room indoor/outdoor kennel
  • Dog pallet and blanket for sleeping
  • One to three meals dependant on your schedule
  • Music 24 hrs a day
  • Office time for quieter or small dogs
  • Optional personal excercise for additional fee

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Green Acres K-9 Resort

Owner: Marilyn J Griffin
Address: 26075 SE Hwy 212
Boring OR 97009
Website: www.greenacresk9resort.com

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