Dogs hold a special place in their owner’s heart. When an owner goes on vacation or has to leave town on business, they will often have to put their dog in a kennel. This is done so that their animal be cared for while they are away. Dog boarding can take on many forms, but there are some aspects that will always need to be considered.


A facility that houses animals will need to be examined before any reservations are made. This is done to ensure that the animal is in a proper dwelling and will not be too crammed with out animals. Every facility must be checked to ensure:

· Cleanliness: The floor, kennel and surrounding areas where an animal may be have to be clean. This lowers the risk of fleas and worms.

· Space: A dog will need space to be able to stretch their legs. If a kennel is present, a dog should be able to stand up to eat and drink. When the dog lays down, they will also need enough room to sleep comfortably.

· Occupancy: Overcrowding in a dog boarding facility is common. However, this has to be controlled to ensure no mishaps occur. If occupancy is too high, a dog may not be taken care in an acceptable manner.

Food Requirements

Dogs often become distressed when they are boarded. During this time, they may not eat new food because it is simply a change they do not want to experience. Instead, inquiring if the regular food an animal eats can accompany them during their stay is essential. Not only will this add much needed comfort for the dog, but this also ensures that they are maintaining a proper diet.

Scheduled Walks

Every dog is different and will need to be walked more or less frequently than other dogs. However, most boarding facilities will not be able to accommodate for these different schedules. Instead, walks are scheduled a few times a day. If an older dog needs to be walked frequently and only 2 walks per day are scheduled, the dog boarder may not be ideal.

Dog boarding with a professional will be able to ease the mind of any dog owner. Not only will an animal be safe, but the owner will know that their dog will be properly taken care of by professionals. Once found, a great boarding facility will need to be booked promptly to ensure that they have enough open spots available.

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